Missed delivery

Today I am disappointed with UPS delivery service. I have been home since after work, about 5:45pm waiting for my iron that I ordered on Amazon. It was set to be delivered today and it hadn’t been delivered while I was at work (I checked the status) so I stayed at home waiting for it. After having dinner and watching some TV, I decided to check on its status since it was already 7:30pm and I still hadn’t received a call on our apt intercom.

On checking the status, the status was set to re-delivery because they said an attempt was made at 6:46pm but receiver unable to sign. I’ve been home all this time, not in the kitchen, not in the bathroom, not sleeping… just waiting for the intercom call. Nothing. I go downstairs and there is a slip on the door saying they attempted delivery and would be back tomorrow after 5pm.

So I call UPS and it’s a voice automated system. Frustrated trying to get through the menu, saying “Customer Service” gets me to a real life person. I ask them to look into the delivery, check the address, etc. The address is correct but they can’t do anything about redelivery today because it’s already too late here in California. So I ask him if he can put a note to the driver to make sure to press the correct intercom button because that’s the only way I can figure why I didn’t get called. He gives me a bit of an attitude… “hold on”… then comes back “ok, done”. No, “anything else I can do to help?”…

I ordered this iron on March 1st and have been waiting anxiously since then. Our iron died, it no longer heated up at all, so I haven’t been able to finish or start any new sewing projects. As a customer service agent, you would have to have some sort of courteous attitude or at least pretend to be helpful. We deal in customer service almost every day and I always try to be helpful because people wouldn’t be calling unless it was important to them. I don’t understand people in the customer service sector who aren’t courteous and helpful… then why be a customer service rep?

So just had to vent, I hope everything works out tomorrow. Just upset today…

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