Mommy At Home

Friday, February 28, 2014

Simon’s lunch of mini chicken tacos, carrots, strawberries, and a chocolate chip cookie. It was Simon’s teacher’s birthday this week but we didn’t have time to bake cookies from scratch. Instead we baked up these premade Nestle Toll House refrigerator cookies which were still pretty yummy.

I spent the day at home today preparing for Simon’s birthday party this weekend. I went to Costco to buy food and supplies, to 99 Ranch to order the cake, and Target for some other craft supplies. I baked fresh chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and prepared some “slice and bake” refrigerator cookie dough. I didn’t quite get done everything that I wanted to but still have time on Saturday.

Here is Iris during her daily constitutional outside in the backyard. She loves looking at the tree branches and just seems to enjoy being outside.

Simon got to play with one of the party favors for his guests, a glider.

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