Monterey Bay Aquarium and Simon’s First Meal

Day 145

Simon is all dressed up for his first trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

But once we got into the car, he fell asleep… his cheeks are getting so chubby and he has lots of drool.

It was a bit overcast and cool in Monterey but both Ron and Simon were wearing shorts. Sometimes I over pack for trips but this time it seems I under packed.

We arrived just in time to catch the end of the penguin feeding. Since Simon has started watching our cats, it seemed perfect that we brought him to the aquarium to check out their animals. He seemed really interested in the penguins walking around.

Plus he seemed to really like the salt water fish tanks. The bright lights with the brightly colored fish and their movement kept his attention. Like a huge live television.

Here’s a video of Simon watching a huge school of fish.

In the kid’s area. We wanted to try to sit him up inside the clam shell but were afraid he’d fall over and hurt himself so I sat with him.

Ron hopes that Simon will learn scuba diving in the future so he’ll have a scuba buddy.

These are some of my favorite sea creatures, dragon seahorses.

We had Simon send some postcards to our Governor and Senators for environmental causes.

We were going to buy Simon a turtle backpack (another Halloween costume idea) but decided to hold off for now. I love his expression in this photo though.

Simon imitating this otter.

We headed out early afternoon from Monterey back to San Francisco so hopefully we’d bypass the traffic. There were a lot of events going on all over the bay are this weekend so were afraid we’d get stuck. Ron did the driving and let me and Simon catch some Z’s. I am grateful for any extra sleep I can get. Simon got a good nap and was really energetic when we got home. He was playing in his Exersaucer and showed us that he’s able to actually “walk” towards us.

We also decided we would try feeding him some solid food for the first time, just a tiny bit of rice cereal mixed with breast milk. Surprisingly he seemed really interested in eating it. As I held the spoon in front of his mouth, he dived right in and took the spoon into his mouth… but the food didn’t really stay IN his mouth, most dribbled out the sides of his mouth.

Deciding if he really wants to eat it…

He got quite messy.

Just a warning this video of Simon’s first meal is about 8.5 minutes long.

After a long day and a nice bath, Simon is konked out.

It was a good weekend. I hope we can go back again soon.

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