More Super Super Super Better

Thursday, October 3, 2013

A little bit of sunshine to get me through the day.

Simon said his day was “more super super super better!” He was still sad after I dropped him off in the morning but he said he had a really good day.

Today’s simple lunch was dinosaur chicken nuggets, curly fries, carrots, honeydew melon, popcorn, and milk. He only left a few carrots, 2 of the 6 chicken nuggets, and some melon.

They made these craft projects yesterday and brought them home today. Simon says it is a phone.

Sweet little Iris was happy to see us when we got home.

Grandma and Grandpa Tam visited Iris on Tuesday since they were in Walnut Creek. Grandpa sent me this picture of Iris with Grandma. Her cheeks are so chubby!

Exhausted and hanging out with the kids before bedtime.

There never seem to be enough hours in a day nor do I have enough energy in a day to do all that needs to be done. I am foreseeing a busy coming weekend.

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