Mother’s Milk Bank Donation

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Today I sent 110 bags of frozen milk to Mother’s Milk Bank (MMB) in San Jose. Last month I had to go through a phone interview, release my medical records to MMB, have a blood test done at Quest, and they sent me this cooler and I just had to fill it and schedule a pick up by Fedex. When I donated before, they used to have a nurse who would drive to you and draw your blood and pick up the milk from you but they said they no longer had the resources to do that. It was much more convenient previously but this way works too. In this cooler is about 1/3 of my freezer supply, each bag is filled with 100-300ml of milk. I can’t believe I had this much! I’m going to donate another 100 bags probably and keep 100 for Iris since lately I’ve been defrosting at least one bag a day for her to drink. It’s been easier keeping my supply up this time around. I guess my body was ready for it the second time.

Simon’s lunch of BBQ chicken bites, rice, strawberries, raspberries, carrots, and a cookie. Surprisingly, he did not eat the cookie!

At school, the kids were supposed to wear their Lunar New Year outfits so here is Simon all dressed up for school.

Iris saying “Good Morning!” to Daddy.

Iris eating her breakfast of Fage Greek yogurt with pureed fruit. She seems to really like the Fage yogurt over the whole milk plain yogurt I got her last time.

Simon thinks his Chinese New Year outfit is cool but he prefers to relax in shorts and a tank top.

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