Mr BiB (Baby in Blue)

Day 347 = February 12, 2011

Simon watching Youtube videos on daddy’s phone already? Boy, the grow up fast! Just kidding! He’s hasn’t figured out how to do that yet, he just likes to hold and play with our phones. He gnaws on mine because it has a soft case.

I love his cute expression in this picture!

Mr BiB (Baby in Blue) looking cool and giving daddy a hi-five!

Heading out ready for Gymboree. I don’t know why he still has his hand inside the munchie mug, he wasn’t eating snacks at the time.

Just chilling and surprisingly keeping his sunglasses on.

Today Simon enjoyed the slide at Gymboree. He can’t balance himself all the way down yet so I support his back and legs so that he can glide down. He was smiling all the way to the bottom.

Simon practiced walking a lot today while at Gymboree. He moved from holding me to holding the play structures.

Having a late lunch at McDonald’s although he’s not eating McD food. I was surprised this McD had high chairs and they were pretty nice ones too with wheels and a secure lock tray.

After lunch, we went to a party in Oakland and Simon borrowed one of the hosts’ party hat.

It’s amazing how quickly Simon is learning to walk. Here I am trying to get him to walk towards me… instead he gets distracted and gets his minion (Despicable Me).

Now, if only I could add scary music to this, it would be like “Blue monster M approaching…” I shot this using my Flip video camera so it doesn’t work well with close-up videos.

Simon is becoming quite curious and his favorite thing lately is check out what’s inside the hood of his car. We put things inside and he tries to peer into it to see what we put there, take it out, then put it back in. He also gets really upset these days when we take away a toy that he really wants. He’ll throw a big hissy fit if we take it away. Sometimes we’ll return it and he’ll stop crying right away and sometimes we just let him cry it out so that he doesn’t get too spoiled.

I think we’ll need to do more child proofing soon to let Simon roam around the apartment.

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