Mr. Cool

Day 112

Morning playtime.  Simon’s neck is hardly wobbly anymore, only when he’s tired or too excited during playtime.


New outfit today! Simon is growing so fast that he can fit into 6 month clothing already (well mostly fit, they are still a bit loose). This outfit is from Jen, Phil, and Joshie.

Simon says: Thanks!

Simon says: I’m Mr. Cool!


Today’s milestone is Simon wore his first Size 3 diaper! He’s probably over 16 lbs and the diapers are a bit loose so we will see how it goes. We bought two types of Pampers: Cruisers and Sensitive Swaddlers with Dry Max. I’ve been reading bad reviews of Dry Max possibly causing rashes so we will have to keep a close watch on Simon. Also when we were at Babies R Us, we picked up some limited edition Huggies jeans diapers, so cute! Have you seen the commercial? “I poo in blue” hahaha

He’s growing up so fast!!!

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