My Little Helper, Lawrence Hall of Science, Koja Kitchen

Saturday, September 20, 2014

I went to work in the morning for a few hours which was not too bad because I had my little helper.

We got away around lunch time and ran some errands before heading home. Iris loves playing with Mr. Potato Head.

Simon and Daddy went to the Lawrence Hall of Science and they happily stayed there all afternoon. They even ran into some of Simon’s classmates from his previous school.

For dinner, we decided to try KoJa Kitchen where they serve “KoJa” (like burgers with buns made of rice) and rice bowls. We tried the braised pork KoJa which I really liked because meat was tender and had the hint of coconut miso.

These are their special fries which was a bit spicy. Iris would eat them while making a face but Simon couldn’t handle it. It has like a sriacha mayo.

This is the rice bowl which looks pretty healthy with all the vegetables.

We ordered Simon a “taco” which was a like a fried wonton skin with toppings but Simon did not like it and I forgot to take a picture of it…

Their dessert: mochimisu. I had to try this because of the name, reminds me of our kitties Mochi and Misu. It was pretty good too, had chocolate mochi mixed in the tiramisu and pretty creamy.

It was a nice evening on Telegraph Ave. It was good we went early to the restaurant since it started to get really busy around 7pm.

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