New Hobby and New Bed

July 5 – 11, 2011

Simon has been learning about aquariums from Ron. Well, not exactly, he just likes to play with the equipment.

He figured out how to stack these balls, Ron calls them “bio” balls (for a filter).

Ron taught Simon about flipping, hand and headstands today.

Babies are sometimes very silly. If you’re feeling tired and don’t have anything to do, you would take a nap, wouldn’t you? Here Simon is falling asleep while eating but saying “no” to taking a nap.

We visited Grandma and Grandpa Tam again and the pool was still semi-inflated so Simon got to play again.

One of the reasons we visited was so we could pick up my old futon mattress for Simon. He’s been rolling off his little crib mattress and sleeping in uncomfortable positions. He seems happy about his new room setup.

Simon learning about some salt water tank equipment, this is to measure specific gravity of the water.

Then going shopping with Ron and finding his treasure… two long rods.

Ron and Simon surprised me at work to take me to lunch. Unfortunately we didn’t really have enough time to eat lunch so we brought it back to the pharmacy to finish. Simon enjoyed running around the shelves and playing peekaboo.

He got upset when he had to leave and say goodbye but was all happy again by the time I got home. I love his big eyes.

And his big smile.

Simon carrying a shopping bag… picking up my shopping habit?

Enjoying a bowl of fruits.

The apples on our tree are getting ripe. Soon Simon will be able to eat them but for now, he wants to convince you to eat them.

Simon saying dinosaur, turtle, and ball.

In the evening, Simon and I had the opportunity to attend the Giants vs Mets game. We took the BART and MUNI in and arrived just in time. Simon was quiet during our trip to the park but was really hungry once we found our seats.

He really enjoyed the garlic fries with ketchup.

We left in the middle of the 5th inning since Simon was getting bored and tired. He was pretty bored on the BART but as long as I kept on singing songs to him, he was quiet and stopped fidgeting.

Simon has figured out to move forward on his sitting car.

We went out to dinner and Simon wanted to sit on the chair. I was afraid he would scoot himself off but he was pretty good about sitting still and eating dinner with us.

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