Nike Women’s Marathon Continued

Just some more photos to share.

My friends Kat & Jon were waiting for me at the finish line, so caught some photos of me as I crossed underneath.

Yes! 4 hours and 49 minutes!

Our prize at the end, the firemen dressed in tuxedos carrying silver platters with Tiffany boxes.

Starving at the end, munching on a bagel and Kashi cereal.

We ran like girls!

And our baby boy completed his first half marathon as well.

Opening our gift:

The finisher’s necklace (front):

The finisher’s necklace (back):

I went for a massage at La Biang Thai since they have therapists who are trained to give massages to pregnant women plus it was affordable ($55 for 60 minutes). My leg muscles were really sore still so it was a painful but relaxing massage. The therapist was really nice too and made sure I was comfortable. I felt like it was a good place for a massage when you’re feeling tense but not necessarily when you’re sore. Since it’s thai style, they use their elbows and knuckles which is good for releasing knots but is painful when your muscles are super sore.

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