Nordstrom Cafe Bistro

Had a good day shopping with V today. Lots of sales going on for the holiday weekend. Added a few cute dresses to my wardrobe that I am looking forward to wearing soon. After a full afternoon of shopping, we stopped by Nordstrom Cafe Bistro for dinner. Surprisingly a very cute and quiet little cafe with a nice San Francisco view especially on this clear day.

We ordered the French Onion Soup. We were actually disappointed because they ran out of calamari. It was a bit too cheesy and a bit oily but the bread in the soup with the broth was yummy.

For main entrees, we shared the nicoise salad with salmon. This was quite filling in itself as it had roasted potatoes, boiled eggs, tomatoes, green beans, olives, the salmon plus lettuce and a nice tangy vinagrette. We were pretty full after the soup and just eating this.

Lastly, the ratatouille chicken pizza. I only had one slice and there was a bit too much bread, not enough topping. Plus the middle a bit soggy due to the sauce so a bit hard to eat with your hands, more of a fork and knife kind of pizza until you get to the outer crust.

Including two iced teas, our bill came to $38 and we still had 3/4 of the pizza to take home in a doggy bag. Not sure what was so filling but we left satisfied (except upset about no calamari).

Nordstrom Cafe Bistro
865 Market Street
Level N4 (I think)

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