NUH Pharmacy BBQ at Labrador Park

My last day of work! Woo hoo! But I’ve only got a break for one week before starting work again in US… sigh. But tonight I still get to be a part of the NUH pharmacy staff and join in on their department BBQ at Labrador Park. The park is a bit out of the way but is very nice and spacious and seems like it could be a fun place to relax and hang out.

We had a buffet set out and they had a raffle along with birthday announcement and gifts. We were there working on our coworker Peai Tean’s wedding card and putting on the finishing touches.

The technicians I worked with in Singapore are wonderful young ladies and so sweet, they all wanted photos with me before I leave Singapore. I will miss them when I return to US. They taught me a lot and they had a great attitude at work, no matter how crazy the day might be. I hope that I’ll be able to go visit there again one day or that they may be able to come visit us 🙂

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