Overnight transformation, is this my son?

Day 97

This morning, Simon transformed overnight… Doesn’t Simon look a bit like a girl?  His hair all wavy and he’s wearing a dress-like outfit (in my defense, it’s a sleep robe and not a dress)…


That is the before picture, this is the after picture:


Surprisingly Simon sometimes still likes to be all bundled up to go to sleep.  It’s just been the last few nights so not sure if it’s just another phase.  Grandma Tam got him this blanket from Hong Kong, cute huh?

Simon has gotten into the bad habit of using his right hand to play with his pacifier while falling asleep.  He usually ends up taking it out of his mouth and dropping it then wailing because he can’t get it back.  So this is today’s method for preventing him from using his right hand.


Winnie the Pooh is serving a barrier so that he can’t reach his arm all the way over to his mouth and he hasn’t learned how to move it out of the way… yet.  We’ll see how long that lasts.  In the meantime, we’ll be thinking up other ways to prevent him from trying to remove his pacifier and suck on his hand.  He likes to suck his thumb but it just never seems satisfying enough to help him to fall asleep.

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