Paris and Versailles

Today we thought we’d take a trip to Versailles even though the chateau itself was closed, at least the parks were open. We are leaving France tomorrow so this was our only opportunity.

We had lunch first in St. Michel at a kebab place. We had the pita plate and kebab plate and they were huge! It came with a ton of frites (fries) as well. We had a nice full stomach for the short train ride to Versailles.

When we arrived in Versailles, we stopped by the McCafe (yes, McDonald’s has cafes) and they had yummy macaroons!

We walked to the grounds of the Versailles chateau and saw electric bicycles for rent (10 Euros per hour) but it was a bit drizzly so we read that they have electric golf carts for rent inside. It ended up being 28 Euros per hour so a bit too expensive and the route through the grounds was VERY limited. We ended up renting conventional bicycles for 6 Euros per hour. We saw all the beautiful gardens and buildings until 6:30pm then went to have a pre-dinner snack of a citron macaroon and apricot tart.

We headed back to Paris and stopped by the Arc du Triomple, Champs Elysee, Moulin Rouge, Pigalle, then finally to have dinner at Frog & Rosbit, a business started by INSEAD graduates. Ron ordered some funky blue drink, I tried their Dark du Triomphe (yum!). We had the hot chorizo salad and fish & chips. An English pub in Paris, interesting concept.

If you can’t see the slideshow above, click HERE.

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