Playing on the Light Table

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Simon’s lunch of salmon and carrot sushi plus some mangoes and grapes. It’s getting easier for me to roll these sushi rolls but I need to figure out how to cut the pieces without smashing the roll. I think our knives need sharpening.

Iris’ favorite spot is this corner of the light table that Ron made for Simon. Simon uses the table for drawing, coloring, and tracing. Iris likes to pull herself up on this corner and reach for stuff that is on top of the table. Sometimes she encroaches on Simon’s space and he gets a bit upset but although he might raise his voice, he is a good big brother and doesn’t push her. He waits for us to encourage her out of the way so he can have his space back.

Simon being silly with his shades.

Kids took a bath together tonight since Ron was out late and it was easier to do one bath rather than two. They had a lot of fun together splashing around although Simon didn’t really want to take a picture.

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