Playroom 2.0

Day 259

It seems like Simon is getting taller. He can now see over the edge of the crib. This is not necessarily a good thing though since now he wakes up in the middle of the night and stands up looking for us.

Simon playing in his new playroom. Somehow he got this ring of plastic beads around his body.

Now what do I mean by Playroom 2.0? We had originally rearranged our bedroom so that he had about half to crawl around in and play with his toys. Well after he got a taste of the freedom, he couldn’t get enough and kept on crawling over everything and trying to get out. So Ron did some more remodeling and made Simon’s playroom even bigger, now about 3/4 of the bedroom with only our bed and a dresser that’s ours.

Here’s a tour of his playroom by Ron:

Simon is slowly taking over…

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