Pooh Pillow

Day 345 = February 10, 2011

Simon smiling back at me this morning at breakfast. For some reason he found it funny when I grinned at him.

Simon had red little cheeks today when we picked him up from daycare. He had been drooling a lot and his nose is still runny. My hands have been chapped from the dry weather so I’m guessing the combo of the weather and his drool and nose running, made his cheeks red. He’ll need some moisturizing for the next few days.

The little man had a big appetite tonight and has been taking his medicine well. I’m so glad he’s getting better so quickly and turning back into his normal self. Although he still goes to bed a little earlier than normal, today around 8:30pm. Ron removed the pillow in his bed since he’s not really congested anymore (just runny nose) so doesn’t need to be propped up and Ron seemed to think that it might be causing Simon to slouch. But Simon has woken up briefly a few times now and seems to have created his own pillow with Pooh.

I guess whatever is comfortable… I wouldn’t want to move Pooh or else I might wake him.

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