Wednesday, October 23, 2013

For the last few days Simon has had an occasional cough. I think it might be partially due to his irritated throat after having tantrums but also may be due to him being a little bit sick. He seemed kind of pooped out this morning.

So since he was tired, he couldn’t help crying this morning as I dropped him off at school. But there’s always tomorrow for him to try again.

Iris seems to be recovering from her little cold. She still doesn’t sleep well in the afternoon but at least her nose was less stuffy. It was foggy and cold today so she stayed a bit warmer with this beanie.

She went to bed around 8pm again and so did I. My muscles are almost recovered from the marathon with only some residual pain when walking too fast or getting up from kneeling. I hope by tomorrow I’ll be back to normal.

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