Relaxing with Margaritas

My feet are aching after standing so much in the last two days and also after all the walking on vacation… but I’m feeling inspired after meeting with the manager (equivalent of director) of the department of pharmacy this afternoon.

This morning there was the weekly continuing education meetings for the department. The students were giving short presentations about their experience and observations at the recent Singapore Pharmacy Congress. It was good for me since I wasn’t able to attend.

Then I went upstairs to the pharmacy to join in the mix of things and get in everyone’s way… just kidding. I think they don’t mind teaching me but I do feel I’m in the way sometimes when it’s really busy.

I went down for lunch at 1pm and then had a meet with the manager of the department. He went through a powerpoint presentation with me and was rather inspiring. The field of Clinical Pharmacy is still pretty young in Singapore and he’s very dedicated to improving the practice of pharmacy and has always been an adovocate for the profession. After his “pep” talk, I started thinking about how I can help them in this endeavor and I hope that I can contribute to their growth during the time that I am here.

I also had some computer training in the afternoon which took up the rest of the day but at least I feel more comfortable with the system, so I can help more in day-to-day work.

We decided to go to Holland Village for some Mexican food tonight so went to Cha Cha Cha. We shared a pitcher of blueberry margaritas. I miss fresh blueberry baskets from Trader Joe’s! The margarita wasn’t bad, quite like a smoothie.

I had a tostada salad with chicken though, I miss making my own salads too!

I’m going to bed early tonight… 😛

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