Rx: HUG qd et prn

Day 343 = February 8, 2011

Simon is starting to watch what we eat and want to eat what we’re eating. I had a banana with my breakfast this morning and he was watching me so I gave him a piece. With his top four teeth and the bottom four (mostly out), he is able to bite off small chunks to eat.

When we got home today, there was a package waiting for us. Simon seemed to know there was something inside for him.

The nerdy pharmacist in me had to get this shirt for Simon. “Rx: HUG qd et prn” (Prescription: HUG daily and as needed)

Daddy Ron picked up food from San Tung (dried fried chicken wings and string beans) and Simon enjoyed eating some green beans.

He’s back to eating vegetables and fish and eating larger portions. I wonder if this means he’s growing again?

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