Sahara at Boat Quay and Max Brenner Chocolate Bar at Esplanade

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Today Joyce and I spent the day shopping on Orchard Rd before heading to Boat Quay to meet up with Ron, Timo, and Elina for dinner. This is the first time I’ve eaten at Boat Quay but I’ve walked by there before and I don’t like the people who stand outside their restaurants trying to convince you to come inside. They usually sort of get in your way and shove menus into your face to draw you inside… but Ron wanted to go out there to eat since they were going to check out some bars later on.

We had dinner at Sahara, North Indian and Arabian Cuisine.

Afterwards Joyce and I went to River Hongbao again to check out the fireworks but there were none… either we missed it already or there wasn’t any planned.

But then we treated ourselves to some ice cold chocolate shakes at Max Brenner Chocolate Bar. A couple jumped in front of us to get a table which was a table shared by two other couples… we waited a bit longer but ended up getting our own table only for the two of us. Joyce had a strawberry and dark chocolate shake and I had a milk chocolate banana shake. The strawberry flavor was quite light though, the original version is supposed to be white chocolate (which isn’t really chocolate). But the banana one was pretty nice.

I look forward to going back there again to try their famous fondue.

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