School Starts

Note: I am post-dating these entries to make it more chronological. I apologize for any strange mistakes that I might make.

Today school started. Singapore must have been sad, it was raining really hard. I stayed inside all day while Ron was running around for orientation.

We attended the opening ceremony at 5pm and had cocktails and snacks at the INSEAD cafeteria afterwards. The class seemed not at all worried about going to class the next day so a large group went to New Asia Bar for drinks and more networking. It’s located on floor 71 and 72 of the Swissotel The Stamford.

I had a drink called the Coco Loco:

It’s a mix of Kahlua, banana liquer, cream, chocolate, ice, and other things. Tasted like a delicious milkshake!

It was great and a beautiful view from up top. I didn’t take very good pictures though… I’ll have to figure out how to use my camera better.

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