Shop ’til you drop

Day 86

Simon spent a quiet morning at home preening in front of the mirror.


Actually Ron put him in his Bumbo seat and then on top of the stroller.  We know that the Bumbo is not supposed to be used on elevated surfaces but Ron was standing right behind him should anything have happened.

Unfortunately for us, Simon has gotten really good at sucking on his thumb.  Before he used to struggle getting his thumb into his mouth but now he is just able to pop it right in.


So sometimes we try to use something to block him… but it usually doesn’t help… instead he sucks on whatever is in the way.


This evening, we went for our walk and stopped by Borders.  I had the cashier take a photo for us.  I was not ready for the photo and Simon is smirking.  I think his expression is pretty funny.


Simon did really well for about 2 hours then suddenly got really tired and started to cry.  We were in the concourse level of the mall and it was quite noisy since we were near Jamba Juice.  So I took him upstairs to the 4th floor under the dome again and although there was a private event going on, it was quite a bit quieter and Simon konked out so I sat down to let him take a little nap before heading home.


Literally, he shopped until he dropped (to sleep)!

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