Shopping and Macaroons (yum!!)

I wanted to mention a new shopping hotspot in Singapore, it’s called Haji Lane and it’s located near Arab Street. Gladys and I visited Arab Street on Sunday to buy some gifts for our friends and family and she mentioned this very cute lane full of boutiques. While shopping many of the store owners were very friendly, they mentioned that most of the shops had only been opened for less than 6 months. Many of the shop owners were having BBQs outside their store front or sharing a meal with their friends and family. One of them even offered us some of their curry, it was made with condensed milk instead of coconut milk (something I’m gonna have to try to make myself at home). The clothes in the shops are very unique and very hip. They seem to have lots of sales but overall, it’s not too expensive to begin with… a dress was 40SGD and tops were around 30SGD. They had other shops selling homewares and quite a few mens’ clothing shops. The only disappointing thing was that it was Sunday and it seemed like almost half the shops were closed. Apparently it is like that on weekends and locals don’t frequent the area on Sundays but more likely will come out on weeknights. I hope to go back soon.

As for the macaroons, my preceptor Siew Woon loves this bakery called Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie which she had brought over for our Thanksgiving dinner but we didn’t eat until a few days later so they weren’t fresh. So instead, my friend Alex brought them for us as Christmas gifts and dropped them by work before I was to leave for Korea and before he was to leave for his European vacation.

In its nicely packaged box:

Close-up of its creamy filling:

Macaroons are interesting pastries, it’s sort of crunchy and flaky on the inside but as your bite into the cookie, it becomes a bit chewy and the creamy center melts in your mouth. I had the purple colored one which I think was yam and it was yummy. We shared out macaroons with our co-workers at the end of the day. Nice way to end a tough day at work.

We leave in the morning for Korea!!!

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