Simon Day 18 – Wardrobe Change

I guess Simon decided this morning that he wanted to model his new clothes for us since he kept on peeing on himself so that we’d change his clothes.

He started out wearing his ducky T-shirt from yesterday and his diaper leaked so we decided to change his outfit. We wanted to try out his Paul Frank onesie from Auntie Tiffany and Uncle Alex and Ron even combed his hair to try to look like a rock star.

Within 30 minutes, he needed another diaper change because he pooped. While changing his diaper, he decided to pee again and shot a urine stream to the side of the changing table which ran down to his back and got this outfit all wet. So once again, we changed his outfit to something more appropriate, his “PP” shirt from my co-workers.

After this change, he promptly decided to poop some more so it was my turn to change his diaper. So as I started to change his diaper, he shot a urine stream above his head. This time it ran down the changing table and onto his hair. Now we thought it best to give him a bath to wash his hair. After his whole body was clean, he then decided to poop in this bath tub! Such a troublemaker today.

This wasn’t the last of it, later on in the afternoon, his diaper leaked. This was probably our fault as we didn’t make it tight enough. So his last change of clothes for the day was into his UC Berkeley onesie. Late afternoon, my parents dropped by unexpectedly since they were in the area and brought us some BBQ pork buns and sponge cakes.

In the evening, Elaine and Edgar dropped by for a visit and brought Simon a gift of a very cute pair of overalls from Janie and Jack.

I can’t decide which of these pictures is cuter… I love his big eyes!

I am just so unbelievably enamored by Simon!

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