Simon Day 26 – At home with daddy

Today I attended a bridal shower in Alameda so Simon stayed home with daddy. I took this photo before leaving for the shower. Simon is sound asleep. So cute… and a bit hard for me to leave even if just for a few hours…

But apparently soon after I left, Simon woke up and stayed pretty much awake until I got home. Ron had some fun and posed Simon with this “1-UP” stuffed plush that we got last year from his brother William. Ron’s description is “Simon says, ‘Look! I got a life!’ from mom+dad=me).”

As for the bridal shower, it was a lot of fun to catch up with high school friends (even though high school seemed so long ago… gettin’ old!). We had some yummy food, delicious chocolates, fun games, and good company. The chocolates were especially delicious.

My favorite was the passion fruit/white chocolate ganache filled truffles. My second favorite was the one with chili peppers, the spiciness creeps up on you and it gets addictive (not pictured).

An interesting one was the one with bacon pieces.

After I got home, some of my family came to visit Simon. Auntie Lily brought us some freshly baked madeleines and some more gifts for Simon.

Pictured: Auntie Lily and Uncle Ricky, Cousins Veronica and Austin

Since Simon did not sleep most of the late afternoon, he started to get a bit sleepy after our relatives left. What a big yawn!

He was content to stay up a bit longer before falling asleep around 11pm.

Doesn’t he look like he’s planning something? Those eyebrows…

So Ron’s first afternoon taking care of Simon alone was a success! Next time no need to worry… well I wasn’t really worried but I just didn’t want to miss anything. Ron has been great dad 🙂

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