Simon Day 6 – First pediatrician appointment, Target, and TK Noodle

We notice new things about Simon every day. Simon likes to sleep with at least one hand outside of his blanket. If you bundle him up really tight, eventually during his nap, he’ll wiggle a hand out and have it resting next to his face. It could be either the right or left hand, I guess whichever one he can get out.

Simon had his first doctor’s check-up today and he has returned to his birth weight, 8 lbs and 12 ounces so the doctor gave him an A+. The pediatrician was very friendly and answered all of our questions thoroughly. We have another follow-up appointment next Monday with hopefully his permanent pediatrician.

After his appointment, we went to Target to do a bit of shopping. I was a bit nervous since it was his first trip out of the house but he did really well. I fed him before leaving the pediatrician so he fell into a deep sleep. It was an interesting experience to be wheeling around the stroller (me) and pushing the shopping cart (Ron).

Yes, I am holding a Hello Kitty. We are looking at Easter stuff.

We were going to go to Home Depot but I was getting exhausted after walking around so instead we just went to lunch at TK Noodle.

Before heading home, we stopped by Krispy Kreme to buy a dozen donuts. One of my cravings post pregnancy. It will take a few days to eat this many but they are oh so good when they are fresh!

Look at his cute little hand!

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