Simon’s 1st vacation: Southern California – Day 2

Day 67

We started out the day with some delicious pastries from Porto’s Bakery.  Since we missed out on lunch with Tiffany yesterday, she brought us some of their pastries to try.  It is a Cuban bakery.


Top left: Cream cheese pastries (flaky crust and cream cheese not too sweet, yummy)

Top right: Some sort of fruit pastry, possibly rhubarb? (again, yummy flaky crust and not too sweet)

Bottom left: A chicken filled pastry, kind of like a mini pot pie but not too saucy

Bottom right: A potato ball filled with beef and beans, kind of like a burrito (good if you’re in the mood for savory)


Simon got some tummy time while we were getting ready in the morning.  I didn’t realize this picture was a little blurry but I love the perspective, his head looks huge!


We went to Fred Hess Jr. Community Park in Rancho Palos Verdes for Lynne and Joe’s baby shower.  It was really cute with a yellow ducky theme.  They received tons of gifts!  They are having a little girl and received a lot of clothes.  Little girl clothes are really cute so I can understand but I am glad I am not the one who has to cut off all the tags and wash them.  I think Simon already has enough clothes and the amount he has is nothing compared to how much they received.

Here is the beautiful mommy-to-be!


Parting gifts included jelly beans and this cute ducky confection.


After the shower, we headed to the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro.  It’s actually a free aquarium with a suggested donation by visitors ($5 for adults) but not required.  It is on the small side but is pretty neat as they have quite a few exhibits and they “grow” food for their own creatures, that process is interesting as they have these tanks with each stage of growth.  The employees are also very helpful with providing information.


I just got a kick out of this picture since Simon looks so perplexed.


After the aquarium, we headed to Anaheim since I wanted to go to Downtown Disney.  Simon is too young for Disneyland so Downtown Disney is the closest we’ll get until he can enjoy Disneyland.  This is like a huge decorate-your-own Mickey.


A very cute Mickey Mouse candied apple.  They also have a Minnie Mouse.


At the World of Disney store.  Spider-man!


Where’s Simon?  I love these round plushies.  We bought Simon the Tigger.


The evening fireworks.


Leaving Downtown Disney.  As you can see, Simon slept through most of the night.  When he sleeps, he really sleeps.  It seems like he’s been “going to bed” around 7-8pm and sleeping about 4 hours but then he’ll wake up, he’ll eat then only sleep 1-2 hours, wake up, eat, sleep 1-2 hours, etc until about 7am.


Simon has been sucking on his thumb a bit too much and this was Ron’s solution to prevent him from doing it (those are socks).


1 thought on “Simon’s 1st vacation: Southern California – Day 2

  1. tiff

    the portos goodies were (in case you wanted to go there one day):
    -cheese rolls
    -guava cheese rolls
    -chicken empenadas
    -potato balls

    =D hope you enjoyed them!

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