Simon’s “Empowerment” Haircut

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Simon hates getting a haircut. He cries and fusses every time. Except today! He went with daddy to the usual place, Great Clips in Pleasant Hill. The only reason Simon agreed to go was because he got so hot and sweaty at soccer lessons yesterday. His hair was dripping sweat and made him uncomfortable so daddy convinced him he needed a haircut.

The stylist’s name was Crystal and she “empowered” Simon to take charge of his own haircut so he wouldn’t be so afraid. He really hates the sound of the buzzer/clipper so she allowed him to hold it and listen and feel it against his pant leg. Then she let him feel it in his hand. Then she let him cut his own hair! Well, almost, he held onto the clipper while she guided the cut. He didn’t cry at all and it looks great. He got a chocolate lollipop as a special treat for completing his haircut.


Iris’ outfit of the day.


Cute ruffly behind.


Simon is already doting on his little sister. While out shopping with Ron, he wanted to get these barnyard animal bowling pins for Iris but Ron reminded him that we already had them at home. So when they got home, they found them and Simon brought them to Iris’ room and lined them up numerically on her bookcase so they could “protect” her when she was sleeping.


One more Iris picture, the “don’t you think I’m cute?” expression.


I can take the lack of sleep when I see her cute little face. I’ve been trying to catch up on sleep all day since she did not sleep well last night. I was up every 1-2 hours. She is also starting to have longer awake times during the day, 2 hour stretches. I try to keep her entertained by singing or talking to her. Eventually, I run out of songs or things to talk to her about so resorted to reading her the news. She is going to be one up-to-date baby!

Also, just want to say, I admire those moms out there who went 30 days without washing their hair during their confinement period. I washed my hair within 2 days of having Simon and I lasted 7 days this time around. It just got too uncomfortable and gross for me to handle. But I did the same as last time and used hot water and a hair dryer to blow dry my hair immediately so I wouldn’t get a “head cold”. Anyone have a good recommendation for a decent hair dryer under $50? Or at least under $100? All I have now is a travel size one that takes forever to dry my hair since it is so small. I never really needed a nice one before but it is just getting too inconvenient using this tiny travel dryer.

I hope baby sleeps a little better tonight!

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