Slow Day in Ko Olina

We spent the day relaxing at our resort, getting a bit of a tan and eating. Early afternoon we went to the lagoon and sat on the beach before moving over to our resort pools.

We ordered some onion rings to snack on while relaxing by the pool.

We were just in time for happy hour starting at 3pm so ordered a few refreshing drinks to sip.

This is the Ko Olina Kooler, served a cup made from corn (pretty cool)

The view from our new room on the 9th floor

Sitting at the entrance of the lobby while waiting for a friend.

We had drinks with one of Ron’s INSEAD classmates who happened to be in town. INSEAD seemed like a long time ago but it was good to catch up and hear about what’s been going on with her and some others.

Afterwards we headed to Roy’s at the Ko Olina Golf Club. This kitty greeted us on the way to the restaurant.

This is their version of poke, so much better than En Fuego, tuna fresh and well seasoned.

Cooked 3X ribs with a honey BBQ-like sauce. The meat was very tender.

I was very excited about the Classic 4.

Macadamia nut crusted mahi mahi, misoyaki butter fish, (forgot #3), and blackened ahi. Overall, the misoyaki butter fish is the best, fish nice and tender with a very flavorful sauce.

Chocolate souffle… YUM!

We walked back to our hotel to try to burn off some of those calories from the souffle… a good dinner, much better than Roy’s in Arizona, likely in part due to the tropical surroundings and fresher seafood.

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