Smiling like Simon

June 27 – July 1, 2011

According to Ron, Simon was like Godzilla and took apart the train rails and accessories. At least he showed interest in it and hopefully it won’t become just a big piece of furniture.

Simon reading one of this books, he knows how to say “red” but not necessarily when he sees the color red.

Simon trying on his safety goggles. At Lowe’s, they have a every other Saturday program for kids and their parents to build small wooden toys. Simon is still too small to do it on his own but Ron picked up the goggles, an apron, and the toy for future.

My current favorite family portrait. Smiling like Simon!

Simon checking out the BBQ grills with Ron. I want this one!

Simon testing out his stomach muscles.

Simon being a little mischievous, stepping up on a step stool.

In action:

Simon playing “video games”. Actually something at Target where you twist the dials and the toys spin.

Simon’s scrunched up nose grin.

“Helping” Ron put together the cat’s bed.

Enjoying the warm summer day, playing with the water hose.

Simon brushes his teeth (with our help) every morning and evening. He knows where his “ya zi” are.

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