Spiral Gardens Field Trip

Friday, March 28, 2014

Simon’s lunch for today of pickled cucumbers, hot dog croissants, grapes and apples.

Simon’s class is learning about the seasons so some parents helped to arrange a field trip to Spiral Gardens in Berkeley to learn more about growing plants and check out the rest of their garden. I volunteered to drive and had a total of four kids and one of the teachers with me. Good thing the garden was close as the kids were very excited so therefore very loud. We all met in front of the garden.

Then the kids had the opportunity to plant something. They chose a pot, filled it with potting soil and put in some beans that they could take home and see if they would grow.

Simon and his friend having fun and a hug.

Then they checked out the greenhouse but Simon didn’t really like it inside because it was so warm.

Then we got to see their chickens and ducks. They were eager to eat some fresh kale and we got to see their fresh eggs.

Then they checked out their “worm box”. Most kids were grossed out by the smell and the worms!

After their field trip, we headed back to school so the kids could have lunch. I took the afternoon off to run errands before picking up Simon at school. Today also happened to be Pajama Day so the teachers helped them change into their PJs at lunch. Simon was sad to have missed the previous PJ day so was excited to be able to wear his Planes PJs at school.

First thing we did when we got home was to water the plant.

Hello Iris!

Siblings playing together.

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