Stationary and Chinatown

Note: I am post-dating these entries to make it more chronological. I apologize for any strange mistakes that I might make.

My goodness, we spent 3 hours at Mustafa Centre learning about the different type of stationary supplies available in Asia.

The highlights:
Notebooks are 2-hole punched
There is 30-hole punched paper and dividers
There is no “loose-leaf” paper, all of them are in notebooks only
A4 size is longer and slimmer than the 8.5×11″ in the US

I love pens and stationary but I wasn’t very satisfied with their selection, I wanted more!

But we got the basics and headed to Chinatown for dinner. We ended up at hawker food court right near the MRT, I think it was called the Hong Lim Complex. Right there is also a handicraft center where they seem to have crafty things like beads and scrapbooking!

We were eager to go see a movie afterwards so we headed to Vivo City to check out the showtimes. Seems like theaters in Asia assign seats when you purchase tickets so you don’t need to show up early to get a good seat but you do have to purchase tickets early online if you want a good seat. When we got there to try to see Bourne Ultimatum, the only seats left were in the first 3 rows! So we skipped that and just walked around Vivo City. We stopped by PAGEONE bookstore and took a peek inside. Most of the books are shrink wrapped so I guess you’re not encouraged to browse too much. I ended up buying a book on using origami to make cards 🙂

The stationary portion of the bookstore looked fun though so I hope to go back soon.

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