Sugar Bowl Ski Resort

We left SF at 6am this morning for a day of skiing and snowboarding in Lake Tahoe. We decided to go to Sugar Bowl Ski Resort since it is the first resort you hit on your way to Tahoe. Surprisingly there was little traffic in the morning so we arrived at the resort a little after 8:30am. It was foggy on I-80 but luckily my dad’s SUV is equipped with fog lights.

Look how happy Ron is to be in snow country:

But then so am I, the last time we went skiing was in Korea last December.

It looked like it was going to be a gloomy day…

But it actually turned out to be perfect, a bit sunny but not too sunny so that the snow was melting, a bit windy but not so windy that the powder would lift up to hit you in the face, and most parts of the mountain had quite soft snow. I fell in a few parts where the snow was really icy but that was near the top of the mountain.

I have to say thank you to a good samaritan who found our digital camera. I think when I was having trouble going through some flat parts of the run, our camera must have slipped out of my inside jacket pocket while I was “crawling”. I didn’t have the camera for most of the afternoon but when I quit around 2:30pm (I was too tired and out of shape…), I went to the hotel front desk and someone had actually returned it! Thank you to whoever found it! I was so sad at first because we had lost a camera at our friends’ wedding in San Diego and it had a lot of pictures on it that we hadn’t downloaded yet. I vowed never to lose another one and was kind of depressed when this one had gone missing… but all is good now and our camera is back 🙂

So I have pictures from the end of the day too… we went with our friends Susan & Ken and with Ron they stayed on the slopes until 4pm. I just went to enjoy a hot cocoa-coffee (~mocha) in the cafe.

We left around 4:30pm as the sun was setting.

There was slow traffic on the way out of Tahoe but we made it home around 8pm, after stopping at In-n-Out for dinner in Vacaville.

Tomorrow is back to work… and sore muscles…

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