Tartine Devil’s Food Layer Cake

I still have not been to Tartine Bakery but have been wanting to try out this recipe for their Devil’s Food Layer Cake. My friend PK asked us over for a dinner party/birthday party for her husband, so the perfect occasion for baking a decadent cake!

The original recipe is here.

Altered a bit in that I didn’t have two cake pans so used two different sized springform pans. Plus I messed up on the chocolate ganache. I didn’t use bittersweet chocolate but instead used unsweetened chocolate+sugar. It didn’t set up right in the cream so I ended up making a chocolate whipped cream to use instead.

Here is the first three layers with the caramel sauce on this layer. I even made my own fresh caramel sauce! On top of the caramel sauce will be the chocolate whipped cream then the last layer of cake.

Then the entire cake is frosted with the remaining chocolate whipped cream, decorated with fresh raspberries and a message. Finished product:

The lopsided look is from the two difference sized springform cake pans I used, a 10″ and 9″. Next time if I want the tiered look, I think I’ll need to use the 10″ and the 8″ so there is more of a size difference.

PK made some fresh strawberry ice cream that went perfectly with this dense cake, without it, eating an entire slice would have been very difficult.

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