Temescal Farmer’s Market and Sushi House Alameda

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Morning “Hi!”

Today we were meeting up with friends at Temescal Farmer’s Market. Iris enjoyed being outside and Simon had fun hanging out with new friends.

He was especially happy with an ice cream treat. Blackberry ice cream sandwiched between two brownies. We cut it into four pieces to share. The kids got their own quarter and the parents shared one quarter for each couple. Tara’s Organic ice cream is right by my work but I’ve never had the opportunity to drop in for a treat. It was really delicious so next time I walk by, I just might need to grab a scoop.

We ended up in Alameda for lunch at Sushi House. Simon has been off from school so misses playing with other kids. He was really happy to hang out with Maddie and her parents.

Iris is at the point that she can sit in a high chair at restaurants which makes it much easier on me when feeding her. She used to have to sit in my lap or else we would have to prop up the car seat.

Lunch was good. It was really busy though so service was a bit spotty. Everything tasted great and the kids were entertaining each other so it wasn’t too bad. This is their Oyster Euphoria roll. The oysters are fried and the roll is wrapped in a soy (?) wrapper.

Good to bed home though.

After being out for most of the day, poor Iris has chapped cheeks.

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