The eyes have it!

Day 77

I bought Simon this outfit from American Apparel.  Sometimes pants get in the way when changing Simon’s diaper but it’s been cold lately and I don’t want his chubby little legs to get cold.  I’m not sure what he thinks of it though since it can be kind of restricting but it did keep his legs warm.  He still had to wear socks to keep his feet warm though.


The weather was nice in the afternoon so we went for our walk.  We headed toward downtown and ended up at the Westfield San Francisco Centre on the Bloomingdale’s side.  We stopped to rest for a bit on the couches underneath the dome.


Simon loved to look up and check out the light coming through the glass.  You can see the reflection of the dome in his eyes.


We were out for over 2 hours, walking about 2 miles.  By the time we reached the 2 blocks of incline to our apartment, my calves were protesting.  I may have overdone it with the walking in the Skechers Shape-Ups.  It also doesn’t help that I started this morning with a bit of a sore throat and as we were going home, it started to get cold and a bit misty.  I’ve been taking Redoxon (vitamin C with zinc) all day which usually helps to prevent a mild cold from becoming a full-blown cold.

Simon did not want to go to bed this evening since he took a nap for 2 hours (1 hour before our walk and 1 hour during) so was wide awake.  We decided to give him a bath to see if that would soothe him and also give him a bit of a work-out with some tummy time.  It seems like his arms are getting stronger and so is his back.  He seems to be able to keep up straight while leaning on Ron.  His posture is better than mine.


He’s getting a chubby little belly!  He finally fell asleep at 9pm… the question always is: how long will he sleep tonight?

1 thought on “The eyes have it!

  1. James Chung

    Hi, Simon,

    It’s great! I will mail the pictures to TAIPEI for Grandma. She will back USA on end of May.

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