The Spot Lounge

We had dinner at Spot Lounge tonight. We’ve been wanting to go back to try their food ever since we went there for their yummy soju cocktails.

We ordered the rice cakes with ramen in spicy sauce. The sauce was sweet and spicy. Strangely, the dish tasted better once it cooled down.

This is their chicken wings with special sauce. Nice and crispy but maybe not enough sauce.

Kimchi tofu soup. A bit sour for my taste.

Their side dishes. My favorite was the pickled preserved vegetables.

The fried prawns served with thousand island dressing.

The kalbi. The meat was a bit fatty and the sauce was very sweet.

The bulgolgi also had a very sweet sauce.

There were five of us and this was a lot of food. We rolled out of there and have enough leftovers for one more meal for two.

I’d recommend this place if you want to enjoy good soju cocktails with your meal. Plus keep an eye out for their specials, like tonight we got 25% off all our appetizers. They have college night, $3 draft beer nights, and more.

The Spot Lounge
2325 Taraval St (between 33rd and 34th Ave)

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