The weekends are so short…

It’s raining with thunder and lightning… I hope it doesn’t last until the morning…

Today we spent the day shopping again… Ron and Justine wanted to get their notes from Period 1 hard bound to be saved for reference and hopefully future use so apparently a good place is Queensway Shopping Center. We ended up heading out around 1pm because it took Ron a long time to sort through and arrange his notes.

Once we got there we stopped by one of the print shops and it cost $6 for a thick package of paper (about 2 inches) to be sewn together and protected with plastic sheets, it was only $4.50 for thinner packets. Sounds pretty cheap as when I did it in the US at places like Office Depot or Kinko’s, it was around $10 for plastic spiral binding. But they wouldn’t be ready right away but to be picked up next week so we went in search of lunch.

We ended up across the street at the Anchor Point shopping center. It’s being remodeled so there weren’t many stores but there was a food court in the basement. Surprisingly it was pretty busy without the shopping mall open yet but then Ikea is across the street and there is a Cold Storage grocery store in the basement as well.

There were a few stores so we wandered around and ended up at a VCD/DVD store. We ended up buying some Korean drama series for me which will hopefully help me to learn Mandarin as well since it’s been translated then subtitled in English. I usually don’t watch these things but I’m really interested in one about cooking and traditional Chinese medicine, aka “Jewel in the Palace“. The other is a TV series which preceded the movie “Hwang Jin Yi” which I just watched in the theater. I’m going to start with these so that I can move on to other series that look interesting… it’s relatively cheap to buy them too, they’re 40-50SGD for many many hours of entertainment. I’m going to have to limit myself though so that I can study for my license exam in December.

We then went back to Queensway Shopping Center to look for shoes and Ron eventually did find a pair that he liked and I also bought something for myself. I hope it will help with the pain I’ve been having in my feet after wearing not so comfortable shoes the last week at work.

After successfully buying shoes, we caught a taxi to IMM to go to the Giant Hypermarket to buy a microwave. Our microwave has been non-functional since September and we’ve been waiting for approval from our rental agent to buy a new microwave. It took her a while to reach an agreement with the landlady but they finally approved a $150 budget for a new microwave. We ended up buying a $60 microwave and a $60 convection oven instead of a single appliance. A combined one cost more than $300. We’re still under their budget of $150 so I hope they’ll pay for both because I really want the oven to be able to bake brownies and cookies! If they won’t pay for it, I guess we’re out $60.

When we got home, we set up our appliances and Ron made us dinner with leftovers from the BBQ and now I’m finally caught up with our blog! It took me so long to update pics from our Vietnam trip last week… well, Yay for me! I hope you enjoy reading and looking at pictures 😀

If there’s anything about Singapore you wish I’d write about, leave a comment or send me a message, I’ll try to accomodate. I already have a bit of a list to work on so that I’ll have something to write about during my “boring” days.

This next week I’ll be at hospital orientation which I heard should be fun but I’ll let you know 😀

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  1. tiff

    jen you’ll really like “jewel in the palace”…it’s one of my all time favorite k-dramas! it’s smart, touching, the cooking makes your mouth water, you’ll cry…it’s one of the best there is… =)

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