Their Names Are Panda and Panda

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

So I finally used the rice molds and seaweed cutter that I bought to make these cute little pandas for Simon’s lunch. He also has a clementine, pan fried sausage, and pickled cucumbers.

After school, I asked Simon if he liked his lunch and he said he did except he did not eat the pandas. I asked him, “Why not?”. He said, “Their names are Panda and Panda and I didn’t want to eat them because I didn’t know what they were.” He basically then said they were his friends and didn’t want to eat them. So he ate everything else but left the pandas in the container. Even after telling him they were made of rice and seaweed (seaweed being one of his favorite things), he said he still wouldn’t eat them. So not sure what to do… I guess I will have to put away the panda rice molds for now and try another time. They are too cute!

Hello yogurt face Iris!

This is how Daddy dresses Simon: stripes on stripes!

Simon made a “winter tree” at school today. His arm is the trunk.

Iris is already growing out of her 9 month old clothes. This may be the last time she wears this Hello Kitty onesie. I hope the pants will still fit for a while.

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