They Might Be Giants

Day 317 = January 13, 2011

Simon woke up at 4am, cried for 30 minutes, then slept until 7:15am. Not sure what was going on with him, maybe a bad dream…

He ended up not having much breakfast but we had to take him to daycare and he ended up taking 3 naps and eating a lot today overall. I hope he got enough rest and will sleep better tonight.

Ron’s caption for this photo is “They Might Be Giants”. Do you remember that music group? I remember this song: Istanbul was Constantinople, Now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople, Been a long time gone, Constantinople…

Ron made fun of me for buying Simon this outfit. He says it looks like PJs. It’s just an all-in-one suit with a funny print. Ron thinks Simon looks like a court jester… and adding this ski hat makes it even more so.

This suit size is 12-18 months but it seems like Simon may have a long torso since it’s hard to button up underneath. Pants sized 12-18 months are usually too long for Simon but onsies always seems a bit short in the body length. I can’t believe he is already fitting these size clothes.

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