Tilden Park Steam Trains

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Daddy took Simon to Tilden park today to visit the animals at the Little Farm and then to take a train ride. At the steam trains, they were having a 61st anniversary meet-up so had at least four trains running all day. They are there on Sunday too if you want to swing by. This is Simon’s “cheese” although he hasn’t quite mastered looking at the camera while smiling.


Mommy and Iris stayed home. While Iris was napping, I cleaned up our baby bath so Iris could have her first bath at home. We haven’t had a chance to bathe her because it was so cold before but with the weather warming up, we thought it would be a good time to try. She had a puzzled expression when she first touched the water but didn’t seem to mind the rest of the bath. Here she is being dried off with her Hello Kitty hooded towel.


Now her hair is feather soft and she smells like my favorite Mustela brand body wash and shampoo. Her skin is still peeling but we will just have to wait it out. She was immersed in water for 9 months and now being exposed to air, everything is drying out. The doctor says she should lose about three layers of her skin in the next few weeks then to use moisturizers and such after that.

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