Tiring Day

I’ve finally mailed in all my requests for documents so that hopefully my application to the Singapore Pharmacy Board will be approved soon. I spent most of the day at INSEAD printing out papers and preparing all my stuff for mailing. But I also found some good Singapore guide books, one about sweets in Singapore and the other about things to do in Singapore so I can keep myself entertained for the next few weeks with some more activities.

Ron was tired today because of a long week of having early morning classes. I caught him napping at INSEAD.

After classese though, he had a nap at home before heading to an evening presentation at INSEAD while I met up with Joyce for dinner. Bar of the Week was today instead of Wednesday at a place called Insomnia located at a place called CHIJMES. Tonight was also the celebrate two INSEAD students’ birthdays so we stopped by for a drink. Check out the website for the building as it is really pretty. In its previous life, it was the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJ). Now it’s been converted into restaurants, shops, and bars. At Insomnia there was a live band and outdoor bar area. It was really hot tonight though so we left early because it was making me dizzy with all the smokers and the heat. I’d like to go back to CHIJMES to try out their restaurants, especially the teppanyaki restaurant.

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