It’s Monday…

It rained a bit this morning, kind of yucky. I went to down to the pool to see if there was Aqua-Gym because I needed to work off all that Mexican food from last night but I didn’t see anyone there. I found out later there was a class so unfortunately I missed out. I’m going to miss out on Aqua-Gym in the mornings once I start work… I think last Weds was my last class for a while since I can’t go the rest of this week either.

It was just as well that I missed it, I decided to do some reading to refresh my memory for work. I’m completing the CE credits from a pharmacotherapy course I took last year. I need the credits for renewing my California license too so it has double benefit.

At lunchtime, I went with Emilie and Gladys to have lunch and also to “help” sell tickets for the upcoming Monsoon Ball on Nov 2nd. Gladys had been put in charge of selling tickets this week while the students were taking finals and we were recruited to help. Although we didn’t do much except collect & count the money and help to update the spreadsheet when people paid. Apparently INSEAD has 2 dinner/dance parties each year, one in winter and one in summer. The tickets for this party states it is at Sentosa Resort & Spa so I think it’s this one. A dinner & dance ticket is $150 per person (or “pax” as they say here) or $100 for dance only. It sounds pretty expensive but I heard it’s going to be a good party and everyone is going so we are too.

Afterwards we lounged around at the bar/cafe to have coffee and chat about our weekends before I headed home again to study more.

We had Mandarin class again tonight and we learned how to tell people what our nationality was and did review from the last 2 classes. There is 1 more class left of this session then I’m going to move on to take a more advanced class at the Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute of Business (SCCIOB). It won’t be as fun without the other Partners but hopefully with a more frequent class (2x/week) that I’ll learn faster.

A few pictures so share of my evening snack. Have you had dragon fruit? It’s a bit intimidating at first glance but quite easy to just cut into slices and peel off the skin. It tastes sort of like a kiwi.

I also love this winter dates. They sort of taste like an apple but not quite because the flesh is quite airy and not that juicy. But it’s really crunchy which I like. I’m so used to dates being dried that fresh ones are a nice change.

We also had mango and grapes. Yum Yum.

Ron sent me this funny link so I thought I’d share it if you need a disguise? Click here.
Might be good for Halloween!

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