Visiting Santa in San Francisco

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ron decided he wanted to bring the kids to San Francisco Macy’s to see Santa Claus. So we headed out by 10am and also picked up our friend Susan and her son Caden. When we arrived, there was quite a line so the boys went around Holiday Lane inside Macy’s exploring and entertaining themselves.

Simon drew a picture for Santa and put it in the mail there for him. We told Simon that Santa took a break and flew his sleigh here just to ser some little boys and girls to hear what they wanted for Christmas. He has no reason to question Santa’s existence and was excited so didn’t get very fussy waiting.
Simon checked out the life sized nutcracker.

They tried to take a picture with the Union Square tree.
After an hour, they needed a snack before going to see Santa.
Everyone did great seeing Santa. No crying. Simon asked Santa for a crane truck and flatbed truck. Stay tuned for the official picture.

After we exited Macy’s, we were headed across the street to the tree but the boys really wanted balloon animals first.
Iris fell asleep right as I was taking her picture! She was a trooper through the whole wait to see Santa so she deserved her nap and I didn’t want to wake her.
Family photo.
On our way for some lunch. Simon with his giraffe and Caden with his monkey playing in the car.
After lunch, we headed to Ikea but Simon fell asleep so Iris and I hung out in the car while Simon slept and Daddy went inside to shop.
At home, still so happy with his balloon.
>Simon colored these sea shells and cut them out all by himself. I said they were all so pretty but the rainbow colored one was my favorite. He goes on to ask me, by pointing to each one, “do you think this one is pretty? This one? And this one?” Of course I answered that they are all pretty but I don’t think he quite gets the concept of “favorite”.
Smiling Iris playing in her jumper.

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