June 17 – 18, 2011

This morning, all of a sudden Simon runs into this corner to pose for us. Vogue!

Check out that smile!

He continued to do it even while I was at work. He even got his hair slicked back with water.

Simon is using his Bumbo seat again for a chair.

A treat for Friday, scones from Bakesale Betty: Ginger Peach, Currant, Apricot Peach. Delicious!

Simon eating Mongolian Hot Pot with Daddy.

Shopping at a Sporting Goods store. Of course he is attracted to the balls.

At his favorite park again, throwing sand.


Simon came with me to Costco this morning. He insisted I get a box of plums and he wanted to eat one right away.

After shopping and a nap, I took him to his favorite park to play.


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