Walnut Creek Family Festival

September 5, 2011

Our neighbors invited us to join them at the Walnut Creek Family Festival at Heather Farms Park. It’s been a long time since we’ve visited this park and the festival sounded like it would be fun for the kids.

There was an admission fee of $5 (with a canned food donation) for each adult but free for kids under 2 years old. Once we got our wrist bands, we went to the kids play area where they had games set up like horse shoe throw, blocks, a tunnel, etc. Simon got to playing with the blocks.

Then crawling into the tunnel. He really liked this one.

Then we went to get some food for lunch. We had BBQ chicken with gumbo. Simon really liked the BBQ chicken and also tried the spicy gumbo. He got the BBQ sauce all over his face.

Then Simon got to ride on a few of the carnival rides. He took the train with Ron, got scared on another bouncy ride, went down the big slide with Mommy and Daddy, and rode in a car.

Riding the car at festival. Simon seemed a bit unsure of what to do and might have been a little scared but once Ron went to get him out of the car, he said “more!”.

We moved onto driving these animals around. We picked out this elephant which unfortunately was short on power but he still seemed to enjoy it.

Pooped out after all the fun at the festival.

We drove home to pick up a few things then headed straight to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for a BBQ. He napped in the car but woke up when we turned off the engine. Unfortunately my parents weren’t home yet so we went to the backyard to play with the pool. I guess it wasn’t unfortunate for Simon since he enjoyed splashing around and playing with this bucket.

Putting the bucket on his head.

When Grandma and Grandpa got home from their shopping, Simon got a little hungry before dinner and Grandpa was hungry too so they split and ear of corn.

Simon enjoyed playing with Grandma’s Pillow Pets. He could identify them as Bee, Moose, Monkey, and Panda.

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