Watching the World Series Game 1

Day 239

Simon got interested in playing with this playmat again. Now he plays with the bars by moving them so that the toys hanging on them move too. Simon wore is “I heart NY” T-shirt today, thank you Uncle Arjun!

Simon used to sit down and play with the toys on his tray table but now he stands up and can kneel or stand up on it to play with the toys on top and also plays with the toys that fall underneath.

Today was Game 1 of the World Series. Simon was intently watching when Ron turned it on.

He really can’t keep his eyes off the TV….

We finally found some other foods that Simon likes to eat, tonight he had pureed spinach, mahi mahi, and avocado. He didn’t care for the pureed spinach that much but ate a lot of mahi mahi and half an avocado.

As you can see, he got the spinach all over because he was trying not to swallow it all.

Go Giants!

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