Week 39 Update

Less than one week until his due date. I had an appointment with my NP this morning and she said she wanted to put me on the induction schedule. Her supervising MD said to be safe, she rather not let me go too far past my due date because of the gestational diabetes. Partially afraid that the baby may grow too big and make delivery difficult for me.

The only available times they had were either tomorrow (!) or next Thursday March 4th. We chose March 4th, I was a bit caught off guard and definitely not ready for it to be tomorrow. But I hope he’ll want to come out by himself and won’t have to go through the induction process.

So otherwise, all is going fine. I’m still having non stress tests twice a week. Yesterday I finally got the chance to see him exercising his diaphragm to get ready for breathing outside the womb, aka fetal breathing. I’m looking forward to having him take his first real breath.

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