Well Visit – 2 month

Day 62

Today Simon had his 2-month “well visit” at Kaiser.  His updated stats:

Weight: 13 lb 6 oz (86th percentile)

Height: 24 in (86th percentile)

Head circumference: 41 cm (75th percentile)

After his visit with the doctor, Simon had to go get a round of vaccinations.  We decided to feed him as we waited so that hopefully he would be a bit calmer with a full tummy.


He received a bit of oral acetaminophen then the oral rotavirus vaccine (not the one of the contaminant porcine DNA) then his 2nd dose of hepatitis B, the pneumococcal vaccine, and the DTAP HIB (diptheria, tetanus, H. Influenza) vaccine.  He sat on my lap while I held onto his hands and the nurse was really quick so although he screamed and turned bright red, it was over quickly and we were able to calm him down after a few minutes.

Ron was shocked by how long the needles were.  These are the syringes.


He was tired for a few hours after his doctor’s visit but eventually went back to his normal self and was even a bit playful in the evening.


We’ll see tomorrow if his thighs are sore.  He had two shots in his left leg and one on his right leg and he has circular band aids covering them right now.  He’ll need to get more vaccines in 2 months, poor guy.

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